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Stories from the February 22, 2017 Issue

Past coroner indicted on
five counts of perjury


By Ginny Skweres
Zion-Benton News staff 

Former Lake County Coroner Dr. Thomas Rudd was inducted on five counts of Class 3 Felony perjury on Feb. 15 and a $150,000 was issued for his arrest. He turned himself in along with his attorney, Jed Stone, the following day.

The charges come from the signatures on nominating petitions circulated when he was running for coroner in the Democratic general primary in November 2015. Each page of signatures must be signed by, and notarized for, the person who collected the signatures.
While it is legal for others to collect signatures for a candidate, it must be signed by that individual. In this race, it was Dr. Rudd who signed the petitions. By doing that, he committed perjury because by his signature he stated: 'the signatures on this sheet were signed in my presence...and are genuine.'

However, the petitions were challenged by citizens who brought it to the attention of the State's Attorney's Office saying there were issues, and an investigation was begun. Even though Rudd had already withdrawn from the Democratic primary election, the alleged perjury had taken place and still applied. He had then planned to run as an independent candidate, but was not allowed to do that in the same election he had run as a Democrat. He ran as a write-in candidate, but los


Sheriff trains as corrections officer

By Ginny Skweres
Zion-Benton News staff 

When Sheriff Mark Curran Jr. first decided to run for the Sheriff's Office, his opponent, then Sheriff Gary Del Ray, frequently brought up that Curran didn't have any police experience. That was true because Curran had been a criminal attorney for the defense as well as a prosecutor in the Lake County Attorney General's Office.

However, since that time Sheriff Curran has probably gone through more training than most other sheriffs. He passed the 10-week Law Enforcement Training Course and had additional training in highway patrol, interviewing and interrogation, police staff and command, senior management training and Senior Management Institute for Police.

He also graduated from the Illinois Chiefs of Police Management course and the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command course. In addition to that, he was a guest of the Israeli government to garner strategies and education from the Israeli Police and Government. ( paid for by American Israel Public Affairs Committee)


Photo of the Week

Girls at play
Alonna, (left) age 5 and 4 year-old Maylah enjoy the unseasonable February weather at Shiloh Park Sunday.


Sharing the love
Cassandra and Willie Brooks, at left, and Benny Alvarez spread lots of love on Valentine’s Day by delivering bright red heart-shaped balloons to residents at The Grove at the Lake.


Awesome readers
Ahyanna Lindsey, Terra Herberger, Jenna Uchiek, and Elena Merrell read all 20 books off of the Rebecca Caudill Young Reader’s Book Award 2017 list and received a trophy from Zion-Benton Public Library. Each student is shown holding her favorite book from the list.


Damarquis Henry livened up the scoring in the fourth quarter and overtime.