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Stories from the April 26, 2017 Issue

Mayors highlight progress
and challenges at luncheon

By Mona Shannon
Zion-Benton News staff 

The Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce held its semi-annual Mayor’s Luncheon last week at Shepherd’s Crook Golf Course in Zion. Zion Mayor Al Hill, Beach Park Mayor John Hucker, Wadsworth Mayor Glenn Rybeck and Winthrop Harbor Mayor-elect Mike Bruno were invited to share what’s going on in their communities. Along with that was a good amount of appreciation for the efforts all four communities are making to work together for the good of all.

Beach Park
Mayor John Hucker, Beach Park, noted the village board just passed a balanced budget. “We have a long history of always trying to live within our means. We don’t have legacy costs that our older neighbors have and it’s a challenge to not create that for someone down the line.”

He said as the state goes through its budget it’s often perceived that local municipalities are given money, but that’s not the case. “It’s not a gift--it’s sales tax, income tax and motor fuel tax. It’s shared revenue and it’s what Beach Park lives off. We have no real estate tax but if the state starts pilfering our share we may have to break our pledge to not have that tax. We raised the utility tax a year ago to provide funds to accelerate the road repair and paving program.”  More...

District 6 leery of new Zion TIF

By Ginny Skweres
Zion-Benton News staff 

The City of Zion is considering a 23-year Tax Increment Financing District in an effort to bring business to Trumpet Park.

The area qualifies for the status because it is an industrial park conservation area and is blighted according to an attorney hired by the city.

There are wetlands in Trumpet Park.

A second TIF District is being considered by the city for the area near 21st Street and Sheridan Road and would include the Jewel grocery store, Family Dollar and Advance Auto Parts plus some nearby businesses on Sheridan Road.

A TIF district affects all of the taxing bodies in the TIF district because any new taxes generated by development in the TIF go into a fund to encourage more development rather than being distributed to all of the taxing bodies.  More...



Photo of the Week

Taking a moment to stop and smell the flowers

Marty and Richard Butler enjoy the fruits of their labor, currently daffodils, in their Winthrop Harbor yard. They stagger their planting in the beds so that the flowers appear in waves from spring to snow. After the daffodils,wild geraniums will emerge, then hostas, followed by more varieties of plants until winter. Marty served as president of the Illinois Dunesland Garden Club from 2004- 2008 and still remains very active.


The acoustic band, Roaming Bear, made a guest appearance at Cracken Cakes and More Saturday, April 8. Cracken Cakes has open mics on Wednesday and shows most weekends along with art shows and local artist works on its walls.


Mrs. Otten’s physical education classes at Howe School recently participated in Jump
Rope for Heart. Students jumped rope and raised over $1,000 for the American Heart
Association. The top fund raisers this year are: Taylor Johnson, Grace Johnson, Tristan Johnson and Conner Dougherty.


Lindsey Vela continues her solid hitting and play at first overall, but was 0 for 3 in Monday’s loss.