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Stories from the May 24, 2017 Issue

Two views on TIFs

Zion-Benton News staff 

A public hearing regarding the proposed tax increment financing district for north Sheridan Road and a portion of Route 173 was held during the Zion City Council meeting on May 16. The comments were mixed with some local business owners in full support but representatives from the school districts expressed serious concerns.

TIF#4 will begin where the now expired TIF#1 left off at 24th Street and Sheridan Road and extend to the city limits. It will also extend west on Route 173 to encompass Jewel/Osco.

Finance Director David Knabel said the TIF Review Board met twice to discuss the proposed TIF and it was a majority vote to recommend approval to the city council. Eight voting members attended the meetings; representatives from seven taxing bodies and one public member. approval to the city council.

Bob Rychlicki from Kane McKenna Associates presented an overview of the proposed TIF#4. He said the reason the city is proposing a TIF District is its past success in growing EAV through this metho  More...

Vietnam veteran Ray Wilken
recalls his days in the Army

By Sandy Dickson
Zion-Benton News staff 

When Ray Wilken volunteered for the Army on January 9, 1966, he went in on the buddy system; that is, with a friend so they could be in the service together. Though they went in together, the friend left the day before Wilken did, so they were always a week behind and in different companies, though they did go to the same places, barely missing each other.

He trained in Fort Polk, Louisiana in the Signal Corps, for operating microwave communications and went to Vietnam in mid 1966. It had been a closed post, but reopened after Vietnam war broke out because the climate was closest to that of Vietnam.

The total of seven guys were brought by helicopter to one of the higher peaks of a 10 mile by 10 mile island with the 228 Signal Company. Half the island was in Vietnam, the other half in international waters. Without enough clearing for helicopters to land, these seven men had to drop down by use of a rope as the helicopter hovered.   More...



Photo of the Week

Rhiannon Paige Joy Graham made history in the Village of Winthrop Harbor Saturday when she was crowned 2017 Miss Winthrop Harbor. She is the first queen to win all four Winthrop Harbor titles Miss 2017; Junior Miss 2014; Little Miss 2010 and Tiny Miss 2005. See all the 2017 queens on
page A4.


Cops on the roof for Special Olympics
Winthrop Harbor Police officers Paul Krzus, Justin Alotti and Adam Zeis took a chilly turn on the roof of the Zion
Dunkin Donuts on May 19 to raise money for Special Olympics. The Winthrop Harbor and Zion Police worked together collecting, $5,059.26.


Getting rid of plastic bags
These fi fth-graders collected 3,144 plastic bags, the most bags out of the entire school, for an Earth Day Project at North Prairie Junior High School. They collected the bags in an effort to keep them out of our landfi lls. The bags were donated to a church group in the
area that makes sleeping mats out of the bags and donates them to the homeless. The school’s total plastic bags, 9,692, will be enough to make about 10 mats.


Zion softball making the most of regionals

Emma Roberts looks to turn a pair after a force out at second.