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Stories from the March 22, 2017 Issue

CMS student returns to D6 board with bullying issues


By Ginny Skweres
Zion-Benton News staff 

The citizen's comments at the Zion District 6 School Board meeting keyed in on issues important to students and parents and they were allowed to speak longer than the three minutes that are regularly stipulated.

A student from Zion Central Middle School was allowed to speak after first being told by Board President Craig Bennett to hold her comments for the closed session to follow the regular meeting. Then the board's attorney learned she was not going to talk about individuals.

The girl had first brought her problems about being bullied to the board in January. “It seems like you guys were afraid of what I'd say,” she began. “I'm a little confused. I thought school would be a safe place. I came to the board in January, and this has been going on before Christmas break and it just gets worse.

“Now I'm less patient. Am I going to have to drop out? It's not fair that I come to school to learn and teachers come at me like I'm the bad person. Staff doesn't get me to classes (as was agreed upon in January).



Callie’s lose its appeal against city

By Mona Shannon
Zion-Benton News staff 

Judge Richard R. Haymaker ruled in favor of the City of Zion in the appeal filed by Callie’s at Market Square regarding it’s city liquor license. The appeal questioned the sufficiency of evidence the Liquor Control Commission used to determine the violation.
Attorney Robert O’Donnell represented Market Square Hospitality, LLC doing business as Callie’s and Scott Puma represented the Zion Liquor Control Commission.

City ordinance states that a Class B license allows retail sale of alcoholic liquor in hotels for consumption on premises in restaurants of 50 seats or more and only at tables when patrons are offered a complete meal.

After Zion police officers visited Callie’s in March 2016 and counted the chairs the Zion Liquor Commission ruled that Callie’s did not meet the requirement of a restaurant with 50 seats or more providing tableside service to patrons of a complete meal



Photo of the Week

Cole Crepps, John Noel and Christopher Coon have programmed the small computers to make the figure on the computer screen move according to what they are telling it do by using the computer keyboard. Read about this exciting program for teens and see more photos on page A5.


Sign of spring

Monday was the first day of spring and right on cue several robins appeared in the trees at the Zion McDonald’s where they seemed more interested in the berries than a Big Mac.


Champion fund raiser


Winter Sports Awards presented to

Z-BTHS athletes