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An honor for the Winthrop Harbor Police Department

By Meridith Jumisko
Zion-Benton News staff

On Nov. 8, the Winthrop Harbor Police Department is being honored at the 2014 Bishop's Dinner and Awards Ceremony in Chicago. The event is being hosted by Bishop James Alan Wilkowski of the Evangelical Catholic Diocese of the Northwest.

"At this event, those being honored are presented with the Saint Joseph the Worker Award for their contribution to the general good and welfare of their community," shares William Morton, Director of Media and Public Relations for The Evangelical Catholic Diocese of the Northwest. The Winthrop Harbor Police Department is being honored because "the Bishop knows several members of that department and is aware of their loyalty of service," according to Morton.

Among the other honorees at this year's event are a pastor, a politician, the director of the Illinois Department of Human Rights, the Hispanic American Construction Association, the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, and the United Auto Workers Union Local 551. A complete list of honorees can be found at evangelicalcatholicchurch.org/bjwdinner.htm.

Winthrop Harbor Police Chief Joel Brumlik will be representing the police department at the dinner and awards ceremony. "It's very nice to be recognized, especially by such a prestigious organization," Brumlik says. He believes the department is being recognized not only for its commitment to Winthrop Harbor, but also to the community at large through its development of the non-profit AIR-ONE Emergency Response Coalition.

AIR-ONE is a regional life-saving group operated by volunteers, donations, and grants at no cost to Winthrop Harbor taxpayers. Brumlik believes another reason for the recognition is AIR-ONE's past efforts - such as its assistance with disaster relief after Hurricane Katrina. Earlier this year, AIR-ONE and Winthrop Harbor received national exposure when both were featured in an episode of the TV show Shipping Wars on A&E.